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Reduce Energy Spend Through Intelligent Demand Optimization

Our intelligent software integrates seamlessly with your energy management initiatives, dynamically optimizing equipment utilization to minimize peak demand charges, without human intervention or disruption of operations.

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What Are Demand Charges?

Half of your electric bill is based on the measurement of the total amount of energy you use throughout a billing period. The other half is assessed as a demand charge, a fee based on the highest peak usage recorded by your electric meter for a single 15 minute period (out of 2880 such intervals) every month.

Demand charges can vary by “time of use”, each electric utilities rate plans, your location, and season. Demand charges are levied by Electric Utilities in all 50 states. 

Even though commercial and industrial customers might only experience a single peak demand event during a given billing period, that single random demand peak can drive 20-50% of your total cost of electricity for the entire month. And while the general price of energy is decreasing, demand charges continue to grow.

What Are Demand Charges

What Does DemandQ Do?

Only DemandQ™ offers Intelligent Demand Optimization that automatically acts to reduce energy cost and increase energy efficiency
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Intelligent Demand Optimization reduces your peak demand energy usage by 30%.

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Our patented technology redistributes the timing and use of power with intelligent queueing technology.

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Intelligent queueing automatically intervenes on your behalf to micro-shift energy usage.

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This intelligent optimization assures that energy-consuming systems don’t power on simultaneously, dramatically reducing peak demand charges.

Energy-saving technologies keep improving faster than they're applied, so efficiency is an ever larger and cheaper resource.
Amory Lovins

Why DemandQ

Using DemandQ™ for Intelligent Demand Optimization has many benefits.

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Lower Energy Costs

Reduce total energy spend by 10% per facility annually.

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Invisibly Optimize Energy Management

Our intelligent queueing technology has a dramatic impact on energy cost, but no noticeable impact on comfort and facility operations.

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Unlock Higher Operational Margins

Spending less on energy means freedom to invest in higher-value strategic initiatives.

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Ensure the Efficient, Reliable & Secure Distribution of Electricity

With zero human effort required, DemandQ monitors and optimizes energy-consuming equipment performance, and delivers actionable notifications when problems arise.

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Maximize Sustainability

Intelligent demand intervention limits the amount of peak demand energy your organization consumes, helping you achieve sustainability targets and run more efficient operations.

Integrating EVs Into Your Business?

Electricity demand charges could increase your electricity costs by up to 50%.

DemandQ’s Intelligent Demand Optimization dramatically reduces demand charge for buildings & EV with no capex.

EV Fleet Charging

Economic and environmental impact of rapid adoption of EV fleets is being limited by the cost of peak demand charges generated by EV charging stations. A DCFC charging station with eight 350kW ports can drive a demand peak of up to 2.8MW. DemandQ’s Intelligent Optimization for EV Charging dramatically reduces demand charges.

DemandQ’s cloud-based SaaS integrates with your Charge Station Management Systems (CSMS) and Building Automation systems (BAS) to reduce demand charges across the whole electric bill, controlling electricity costs across all operations from supply to warehousing to delivery.

  • Optimizes behind-the-meter to reduce all demand charges, not just charging stations
  • Automatically adapts and re-optimizes in real-time for unplanned arrivals/departures
  • Compatible with renewables and storage configurations

We can show you exactly how DemandQ’s Intelligent Demand Optimization solution can reduce costs, improve operations, and accelerate EV adoption.

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Retail & Property Owners

Installing EV charging stations at your commercial property can complicate business ops and increase your electric bill by 50% or more. DemandQ’s SaaS Intelligent Demand Optimization for EV Charging can dramatically reduce your exposure to electricity demand charges.

Problem: A Bigbox retail site typically has 200+ kW of peak electric load. To draw customers, management decides to add 2 DCFC chargers. Estimated usage: 6 customers per day will utilize the chargers. Impact: site’s electric bill goes up by over 40%.

Solution: Site implements DemandQ’s SaaS (no hardware) EV Demand Optimization. Requires no capex – and DemandQ’s behind-the-meter solution dramatically reduces demand charges due to EV and across the entire bill, including HVAC, delivering significant savings.

Find out how DemandQ’s Intelligent Demand Optimization solution can improve your bottom line almost immediately with no capex investment.

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DemandQ is Trusted Throughout the US

With over 1,100 sites nationwide, “demanding” clients across the country trust our intelligence-enabled energy management software to save on energy costs and maximize sustainability.  DemandQ is a trusted provider of Intelligent Demand Optimization for a quickly growing number of sites.

Engage with us to discover how your site can start benefiting from our energy management software.

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Customer Success Stories

Read What Fraunhofer's USA Center for Sustainable Energy Systems Has to Say About DemandQ

"Results from this test indicate that the coordinated control of packaged rooftop units could plausibly and significantly reduce both energy consumption and peak demand without detrimentally affecting zone temperatures. Secondary energy savings resulted from controls fault correction. Issues related to overcooling and incorrect scheduling were corrected by DemandQ’s software."

Read The Summary Report HereRead the full report here

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DemandQ Featured FAQs

Does DemandQ really reduce my demand and consumption charges?

Yes. Once the system is in place, we take care of the rest. Demand charge and consumption savings begin immediately.

How long does it take to implement DemandQ?

A typical deployment - from contract to full operation - can be accomplished in as little as 6 weeks.

Will my IT or tech group need to manage the installation?

No. In most instances, there are no mechanical installation requirements with DemandQ. If technical or operational support is needed, we provide it to you.

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