Save up to 30%

On Your Electric Demand Charges

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DemandQ's patented system for buildings, EV charging & remote locations significantly reduces demand charges with NO Capex or operational impact.

  • Lower your total energy costs
  • Achieve better operating margins
  • Maximize corporate sustainability efforts
  • Identify faulty equipment remotely
  • Works with existing building automation systems
  • Saves with or without batteries or solar

Savings Achievements

Since 2016






Electric Bill Reduction ($)


CO2 Reduction
(US Tons)

Intelligent Demand Optimization

DemandQ Intelligent Demand Optimization is scalable for all applications from nationwide EV charging systems to big-box stores, office buildings and industrial parks, residential buildings, warehouses, universities, hospitals, military bases, and remote telecom and compressor stations.


DemandQ’s cloud-based system integrates with your Charge Station Management System (CSMS) and Building Automation System (BAS) to control electricity costs and reduce demand charges across all operations
  • Optimizes all behind-the-meter loads to reduce all demand charges
  • Automatically adapts for unplanned events and re-optimizes in real-time
  • Compatible with renewable energy sources and improves storage economics
DemandQ Delivers 37% Demand Reduction
for a Major University’s Electric Vehicle Fleet
Energy-saving technologies keep improving faster than they're applied, so efficiency is an ever larger and cheaper resource.
Amory Lovins

Intelligent Demand Optimization

Save Thousands of Dollars Per Year Per Site

Utilities charge you for peak demand – the highest electricity usage in each billing period – which can account for 40% or more of your electric bill. DemandQ’s patented, secure Intelligent Optimization automatically optimizes the operation of your devices to deliver significant savings.

Significantly reduces peak demand charges

DemandQ builds on over 70,000 months of electricity usage and billing data and applies Machine Learning to continuously improve our SaaS algorithms.

Get Intelligent Optimization in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Assess

We assess all factors of your situation, including existing systems, operational goals, internal skillset

2. Integrate

We perform rapid non-invasive deployment with no shutdown, no operations disruption,no expensive modifications, no big IT project

3. Tune

We assess all factors of your situation, including existing systems, operational goals, internal skillset

4. Launch

running system delivers
immediate demand reduction AND provides insight into field ops and equipment status, reducing downtime

DemandQ’s Intelligent Demand Optimization is a stable, proven
cloud-based system that requires no installation, no interruption of your operations,and no learning curve to use. Once deployed, our secure, real-time management of your equipment significantly reduces your peak demand charges and can reveal previously-masked system inefficiencies.

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Demand Savings Analysis

See how much you could save per site annually by significantly reducing demand charges.

  • Lower total energy costs
  • Achieve better ops margins
  • Maximize sustainability
  • Identify faulty equipment
  • Works with existing building automation
  • Saves with or without batteries or solar

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