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Show me is the perfect starting-point before making any technology acquisition.

To prove the value of our Intelligent Demand Optimization software service for property owners, DemandQ offers a free pilot program. 

How it works 

  1. DemandQ is designed to work with a wide range of “open” building automation systems. A quick call will confirm compatibility. 
  2. Almost every building is unique. That same first call will allow us to gather key information about your property that will help us both qualify the opportunity.
  3. Our software is cloud based, so we need to communicate with your pilot site. We utilize the secure M2M (machine to machine) industrial version of the mobile cell network to connect to your building management system. We install a router/modem (at no cost to you) for the duration of the test. 
  4. We conduct a minimum 30-day pilot to prove the value of our solution, alternating periods when our service is enabled with periods when your site operates in business-as-usual mode.
  5. We publish a report that compares DemandQ enabled to “normal” operating standards.
  6. You are blown-away and sign-up. 

Your task punch-list prior to pilot conduct will include

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