Why Is My Mascara Melting?

To all the cosmetics companies out there, I’m sure your products are stable across a broad range of temperature conditions. That said, cosmetics retailers might be overlooking a major sales factor: store temperature and airflow.

Cosmetics departments are among the most profitable areas in “big box” retail stores and mall locations across the US, typically delivering the highest transaction value per square foot.. They are also the most brightly lit and highly trafficked retail zones. Beyond having a selection of great products, the critical element contributing to the success of these departments is creating and maintaining a highly favorable customer experience.

Simply put, the mascara can’t melt.

DemandQ is focused on delivering quantifiable cost reductions on energy bills. But our first commandment is “thou shalt not ruin the customer experience.” At the cosmetics counter, that means that the volumetric supply of air is sufficient to clear the air of fragrance and keep customers cool – regardless of the bright lights and crowded counter space.

DemandQ has accumulated over 30,000 months of retail store experience demonstrating our effectiveness in reducing the cost of energy while maintaining a “cool” and customer-friendly environment. We deliver a 10% reduction in the overall cost of energy while staying within a degree Fahrenheit of your building’s target temperature.

In a DemandQ location, your merchandise and customers coexist at just the right temperature, assuring a great buying experience.

In short, DemandQ helps you save on energy, plus the mascara won’t melt.

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