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Who We Serve

DemandQ's Intelligent Demand Platform is a unique digital solution designed to fit the needs of: Retail, Commercial Real Estate, Warehousing & Distribution, EV Fleets, Energy Suppliers, and Local Utilities.

Our patented, intelligent algorithms optimize electric load to lower electricity costs, improve grid resiliency and facilitate a sustainable energy future. Our solution is implemented with no equipment installation or capital expenditure and is actively shaping load 24/7/365 in thousands of sites across the country.


➤  50M square feet under management

➤  75,000 billing-months of proven savings

➤  $21M gross customer savings to date

➤  100,000 tons of CO2 offset

➤  Successfully deployed across all lower 48 states

➤  50 years of combined energy team experience

Our Behind the Meter platform saves money and contributes to sustainability

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