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Price of electricity is rising considerably worldwide due to  global crisis. High energy p

Demand Response Realized

DemandQ  maximizes the benefits of demand response programs - without compromise

DemandQ protects your demand response revenue 

DemandQ's patent-pending algorithms automatically execute an optimized operating strategy that smoothes demand, maintaining site comfort before, during, after each DR event, ensuring that Demand Response commitments are fully met while maximizing your financial benefits.

Intelligent Demand Response™ 

Our cloud-enabled platform integrates seamlessly with your building automation system to automatically reduce peak demand and deliver on your Demand Response power curtailment goals.

Learn how DemandQ can save you more

Get a free savings analysis from our team of experts, and learn how Intelligent Demand Response™ can help reach your sustainability and savings goals.

Up to 75% of your Demand Response payments may be going down the drain

​For Example:

  • You use pre-cooling to limit site discomfort during DR events

  • Pre-cooling can force your HVAC to operate at near maximum capacity

  • The demand peak generated by your HVAC  sets the demand charge for the month

  • That demand charge wipes out most - or all - of your potential DR revenue

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