Is DemandQ Right For You?

Do you own or operate a business in Retail, Quick Serve, Telecom, or another industry with multiple sites that use a Building Automation System (BAS)? Do you currently pay demand charges for many of your sites? Contact us to learn more about how DemandQ’s intelligent software can reduce your peak demand charges through seamless integration with your existing energy management initiatives.

You can also see if DemandQ is right for your energy management needs by speaking with our sales engineers. Our team is available Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm (EST) at

+1 (855) 693-8377
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How do I contact DemandQ?

You can reach DemandQ at:


phone: +1 (855) 693-8377

How long does it take to implement DemandQ?

A typical deployment - from contract to full operation - can be accomplished in as little as 6 weeks.

How do I access the data that DemandQ acquires?

We provide you with secure portal access to an analytical dashboard and reporting system.

What needs to be shut down during the installation process?

Nothing. DemandQ is a non-invasive system that integrates with your building automation and/or IoT sensors and services.

Will my IT or tech group need to manage the installation?

No. In most instances, there are no mechanical installation requirements with DemandQ. If technical or operational support is needed, we provide it to you.

How does DemandQ affect my existing hardware systems?

DemandQ doesn’t affect any existing system at all. The Building Automation System you already have implemented is not impacted by DemandQ. Our software resides on cloud severs outside of your network.

Do I have to change my operations workflows and processes?

No. DemandQ’s workflows are flexible, so you maintain your current processes.

How much does DemandQ cost?

We offer businesses all-inclusive pricing - no user fees, transaction fees, or workflow configuration fees. You pay a fixed monthly or discounted annual fee based on the volume of power you place in the DemandQ system.

Will I have to update or install new hardware?

DemandQ’s services are typically enabled without any additional hardware through integration with your building’s environmental controls. The current industry wide move to open BACnet communication protocols is fully supported by DemandQ.

Doesn’t my utility do this?

No. Your electric utility may offer Demand Response programs and other energy programs, but they do not provide a means for 24/7/365 Intelligent Demand Optimization.

Can’t I already do all this with my energy system?

Not in the comprehensive, seamless, money-saving way that’s inherent with DemandQ. You may be able to program your system to respond to DR (demand response) events that are “called” by electric utilities when available power is constrained on the grid, but you still have to take action – typically turning systems you rely on “off” for a period of time. In addition, if, during a DR event, you focus on HVAC limiting, you may have to pre-cool your site (at significant cost) and you may experience a peak demand event as the DR program ends. DemandQ effectively manages the start and end periods of DR programs while creating an energy audit trail to verify contractual compliance.

Is DemandQ secure?

Yes. DemandQ relies on a secure VPN or cellular M2M communication channels, not the public internet.

Does DemandQ really reduce my demand and consumption charges?

Yes. Once the system is in place, we take care of the rest. Demand charge and consumption savings begin immediately.

We already participate in demand response programs. How is DemandQ different?

DemandQ’s patented software supports and supplements traditional 'demand response' programs. Our technology predicts and effectively avoids hundreds of peak demand events in any given month while having virtually zero impact on operations or customer comfort.  We deliver results that are additive to our customers demand response efforts.