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How long does it take to implement DemandQ?

Advanced Integration made simple! A typical deployment - from contract to full operation - can be accomplished in as little as 6 weeks. We assess all factors of your situation, including existing systems, internal skillset, and operational goals. We perform a rapid, non-invasive deployment with no disruption, modifications, or shutdowns, fine-tune your system, and launch our services, instantly reducing peak demand, delivering  operational insight, and achieving cost-saving goals

We provide you with secure portal access to an analytical dashboard and reporting system.

How do I access the data that DemandQ aquires?

Nothing. DemandQ is a non-invasive system that integrates with your building automation services.

What needs to be shut down during the installation process?

No. In most instances, there are no mechanical installation requirements with DemandQ.

Will my IT or tech group need to manage the installation?

The Building Automation System you already have implemented is not impacted by DemandQ.

How does DemandQ affect my existing hardware systems?

No. DemandQ’s workflows are flexible, so you maintain your current processes.

Do I have to change my operations workflows or processes?

We offer businesses all-inclusive pricing - no user fees, transaction fees, or workflow configuration fees.

How much does DemandQ cost?

DemandQ’s services are typically enabled without any additional hardware.

Will I have to update or install new hardware?

Yes. DemandQ relies on a secure VPN or cellular M2M communication channels.

Is DemandQ secure?
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