DemandQ News

eCurv is now DemandQ

We’re pleased to announce the launch of DemandQ, our new brand identity, with a new look, new name, and broader goals for the future of enterprise-wide automated operations. DemandQ is moving eCurv’s inventive technology forward with new leadership and a fresh vision for the digital transformation of energy management.

New Leadership

DemandQ’s CEO, Gary Morsches, brings 35 years of experience in the energy industry to the company’s already proven, cutting-edge energy optimization software, strengthening DemandQ’s robust technical team with his expertise in market deregulation, risk management, supply, asset optimization and technology.

New Brand Name and Design

With the launch of our new brand, DemandQ visually communicates the values and priorites our company has held from the start: dedication to providing solutions that are reliable and can be trusted on a large scale, commitment to innovation, expertise in developing technology for optimizing energy management and other business processes, and a drive to unlock value for the enterprise.

Fresh Vision for Future Development

While DemandQ remains committed to providing energy cost savings through intelligent demand optimization, the company’s new vision extends much farther. Our broader focus on digital transformation for energy management encompasses a wide set of goals. Through providing software-based intelligent demand optimization, we’re working to lower energy costs, but also invisibly optimize energy management without any disruption of operations, unlock higher operational margins, maximize sustainability, and ensure that distribution of electricity in every site is efficient, reliable, and secure.

All Customers Are From Missouri

Show me is the perfect starting-point before making any technology acquisition.

To prove the value of our Intelligent Demand Optimization software service for property owners, DemandQ offers a free pilot program. 

How it works 

  1. DemandQ is designed to work with a wide range of “open” building automation systems. A quick call will confirm compatibility. 
  2. Almost every building is unique. That same first call will allow us to gather key information about your property that will help us both qualify the opportunity.
  3. Our software is cloud based, so we need to communicate with your pilot site. We utilize the secure M2M (machine to machine) industrial version of the mobile cell network to connect to your building management system. We install a router/modem (at no cost to you) for the duration of the test. 
  4. We conduct a minimum 30-day pilot to prove the value of our solution, alternating periods when our service is enabled with periods when your site operates in business-as-usual mode.
  5. We publish a report that compares DemandQ enabled to “normal” operating standards.
  6. You are blown-away and sign-up. 

Your task punch-list prior to pilot conduct will include

  • Acquire electric Utility interval meter data (up to two prior years)
  • Verify HVAC assets (type/make/model)
  • Check the cell signal strength at the site (3 bars near the site controller?)
  • Update points list (provided by DemandQ) on the HVAC controller at the pilot site (or enable temporary administrative access credentials for DemandQ and we’ll do the work).

Meet Intelligent Demand Optimization

This article was first published by Energy CIO Insights. eCurv has since rebranded to DemandQ

DemandQ CEO Gary Morsches

Consider this: Electricity costs are on an upward trajectory, evolving into one of the key drivers of operational expense for commercial enterprises. In order to control these costs, companies must acquire the real-time data that will enable the digital transformation of energy management. Without that data, enterprises will be unable to effectively prioritize the operational changes required to maintain profitability in the face of rising expenses.

Enter DemandQ

DemandQ’s patented intelligent demand optimization technology dynamically reduces the incidence and severity of the peak demand events that lead to high energy utilization costs. In markets where demand charges are levied, a single peak demand event can drive over 40 percent of the total monthly electric bill. DemandQ’s intelligent demand optimization technology integrates seamlessly with each customers’ energy management system, continuously evaluating the status, needs, and capacity of all the connected devices at a site. DemandQ then formulates and delivers an optimal strategy for the operation of these systems by intelligently queueing up access to power and shifting a small pe rcentage of the “work” done by as little as a few seconds to reduce incidences of costly demand peaks to ensure that energy-consuming devices do not utilize power simultaneously.

The result: the automatic and dynamic optimization of electricity utilization by the appliances that are the root cause of high energy expenses. DemandQ’s technology minimizes peak demand and consumption charges without any negative impact on the controlled services.
“By micro-time shifting the daily operations of appliances like HVAC units, DemandQ reduces energy costs by on average 10 percent every month, without requiring any human intervention,” says Gary Morsches, CEO of DemandQ.

DemandQ technology accelerates the financial return on energy program investments. Its cloud-based services can be rapidly deployed across hundreds of sites within a few weeks with zero hardware installation required. This also contributes to sustainability targets and run more efficient operations.

By micro-time shifting when an appliance runs, DemandQ reduces demand and consumption costs by an average of 10 percent, without human intervention or disruption of operations.

Prior to deployment, DemandQ conducts a detailed analysis of each clients’ building operations and evaluates the status of the control systems installed across their entire real estate “footprint”. Frequently, a pilot project at a target site will be conducted to demonstrate the efficiency and economic value of DemandQ’s services.

Collaboration with DemandQ has proven to be a turning point for a major big box retail firm. By transforming how and when energy is utilized, this customer has significantly decreased its carbon footprint, reduced their energy expenditure by 10 percent, and driven over $1 million to the bottom line.

Peak demand charges have been increasing and will continue to be a key factor in rising energy costs. However, by deploying digital transformation platforms, like DemandQ’s Intelligent Demand Optimization system, business entities can usher in an era of efficient energy usage. DemandQ has emerged as the gateway to this era.