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Bailing Out a Sinking Boat Doesn't Plug the Leak.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The thing about buildings and wooden boats is: they leak.

Once a sailor gets sufficiently frustrated bailing-out instead of enjoying the breeze, they can pull the boat into drydock (before it sinks) and re-caulk the seams. Facility managers can upgrade windows & doors, increase insulation, and repair the obvious cracks and gaps. But what about the leaks you can’t see (even with an infra-red camera)?

Let’s look at a typical case: Your efficiency programs (LED lighting, e-Glass, higher SEER HVAC) are all doing their job, but your bill seems to stubbornly stay the same. While system upgrades and repairs will help lower the consumption (kWh) line item in your monthly Utility bill, the portion of that bill reflecting your demand charges will be unaffected, especially during the increasingly hot summer months.

That’s because Utilities are shifting the cost burden of delivering the power you need to peak demand charges. If you aren’t mitigating the causes of peak demand, you are subject to the “hidden” financial leakage these charges impose on your cost of operations. And no amount of caulking will plug the outflow of your capital.

DemandQ’s Intelligent Demand Optimization automatically assesses and addresses the cause of peak demand charges. Interoperating with your building automation system (along with your solar and battery installation), our cloud service continuously adapts the access profile of power-hungry devices like HVAC appliances and the vehicles parked at your EV charging stations, seamlessly parsing-out power. Every device gets what it needs to do its job, but all that potential leakage of your hard-earned dollars is prevented.

It’s like having an invisible hand constantly bailing you out of the high cost of energy. Enjoy the breeze.

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